Creston Villa Guest House is fully compliant with all Government guidance and puts the safety of our Guests as our highest priority.
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Coronavirus Infection Prevention Measures

Our objective is to reduce the risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures in all areas of guest interaction. The Creston Villa management have carried out a Coronavirus Risk Assessment in line with Government guidelines and have implemented the following procedures to minimise the risk of cross infection both by on-site interaction and through the introduction of the virus through new guests arriving for check-in.

It has been recognised that it is impossible to eliminate the coronavirus risk being either present or being introduced through the day completely. The measures detailed below have taken account of the normal movements and activities carried out by guests whilst staying at Creston Villa. We have used out experience over the past fifteen years working with and managing guests from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures and have created a system which will protect guests and staff alike whilst not detracting from the experience guests expect when staying at Creston Villa.

The Building

There are reminder signs in all the public areas to encourage guests to remain socially distance whilst on the premises. Hand sanitisation stations with signage to encourage guests to clean their hands regularly are located at both building entry/exit points. Further stations are located at the refreshment bar in the Guest Day Room and in the Guest Lounge. The main Covid-19 explanation poster is located in the Guest day Room.

A poster reminding guests of best practice hygiene arrangements is displayed in all bedrooms along with a hand sanitiser station.

The downstairs communal toilet is closed to guests until further notice.

Cleaning Routines

All touch surfaces in the public areas are cleaned with ant-viral surface cleanser on a regular basis and more often as determined by the number of guests in the building at any one time. Surfaces cleaned include but are not limited to: work surfaces, handrails, door handles, vertical surfaces in walk- through areas, chair rails, domestic appliances, refreshment appliances and crockery, and coded entry keypads. A regular review of cleaning practices will also be undertaken.

Booking Confirmation

All guests receive booking confirmation either by email, on-line messaging, or post. This includes a copy of this Coronavirus Prevention Strategy. Guest are invited to pay on-line prior to arrival. Guests are also advised to consider their general health prior to arrival and that if the feel unwell and are showing signs of any of the government-advised symptoms from Coronavirus, to cancel their booking by contacting Creston Villa by phone, text or email. No cancellation fee will be levied under these circumstances.

Guest Arrival and Check-in

On arrival guests are invited to sanitise their hands at the building entry point. Should they need assistance with their luggage, staff will place their items in their bedroom and immediately sanitise their hands.

A Coronavirus induction is included within the check-in procedure. This includes demonstrating the location of the sanitisation stations, identifying areas where two metre distancing is difficult to achieve and therefore the use of a face covering is recommended, and sanitising routines prior to accessing the guest refreshment facilities.


The breakfast options are discussed during check-in. These are to eat in the dining room at an agreed time, to eat in their room, or to have a takeaway option on check-out.

For those guests wishing to use the dining room facilities for breakfast, their table will be set immediately prior to their appointment time. The breakfast basket is prepared before their arrival and placed on their table. Hot and cold drinks are prepared by the Proprietors and served at the table. Should the table need to be re-used table cloths will be changed and all condiments and seating will be sanitised prior to the next guest taking occupancy.

All crockery and cutlery will be washed in the dishwasher.

Room housekeeping

For those guests who require room housekeeping during their stay, interaction with the contents of the room will be kept to the minimum necessary to meet the guests’ needs. Fresh cleaning material will be used for each room. Hand sanitising by staff will take place before and after each room is serviced. All cleaning material will be laundered after use.

Post Check-out Cleaning

To date there is no guidance as to how long coronavirus remains live outside the human body. Until such times as the Government issues an official statement on the virus longevity the following procedures for post-cleaning and new guest check-in will be in place:

All towels whether used or otherwise will be changed for laundering according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Beds will be stripped with minimum of disruption to the bedclothes to avoid introducing any residual virus into the air or surrounding area. All crockery, used or otherwise, will be removed and washed. Hard surfaces and all areas prone to touching will be disinfected.

This includes but is not limited to door frames, handles, mirrors, bed posts, TV and remote, etc. The existing process for cleaning bathrooms and shower rooms are already sufficiently thorough that the room will be virus free.


All laundry will be washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A steam generator iron is used to iron the bedding. Clean towels and bedding are stored in a separate utility room away from guests.

Staff will change their clothes for laundering on completion of housekeeping and prior to checking in new guests.


A regular review will take place to ensure that all procedures are compliant with the existing and most up to date Government guidance.